A problem solved is a beautiful thing


We Have Been Helping Churches since 2004.

The process of developing your church technology can be daunting. Which sound system to purchase, which lights to use, do we rent vs buy, the list is long. Our church technology solutions can help you weed through all of the noise and help you make an effective and efficient plan of attack.


SVL will help discover and  analyze what your current and future needs are. Sometimes it is hard to deal with the immediate while planning for the future. Church technology is more than just putting on a show every week. Our hope is to discover all of the needs from implementing volunteer teams to forecasting repair cost with the long term sustainability in mind.


After we have walked through the discovery phase, our team will assist you in designing a technology plan that works for you and your team.


It is really important that before any cables are run or speakers hung that we spend time looking at the big picture. Once a plan is put into place we can help you with purchasing gear and installing all of the systems.


Give us a call today for a free initial analysis to find out what your needs are.